Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's new today? お年玉 Otoshidama (giving money for the New Year)

Japanese money
various bags for put money( Otoshidama) into

In Japan,When after Christmas, the time near the new year, most people (Adults) become to feel anxious. Because they have to start thinking about how many nephews, nieces or grandchildren they have and how much it will cost for the Otoshidama. (giving money for the New Year)

How much do people give the Otoshidama to the relatives? It's depends on age from infant to the college age.  Pre school children will get approximately  2000 yen, elementary school age will get 3000yen, and high school age will get  5000 yen, and college students 10000 yen...

This is why after the new year, you can see there are so many youngsters  in the stores buying clothes, shoes, bags and games...the kinds feel great but for adults, it is a time to spend their hard earned money.  

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