Friday, March 12, 2010

カタカナ Katakana confusion

Many of the Tango(vocabulary)that look like Eigo(English)are also Nihongo(Japanese).You will be amazed at the number of Tango which are identical in both languages.Of course, They don`t always sound the same when spoken by a Japanese speaker, but the similarities will certainly surprise you to make your work easier.
If you want to find where your hotel is? You can say:

ホテルは どこですか。
hoteru  wa  doko   desuka?  hoteru →hotel
Hotel  (P)   where     is   ? (Where is the hotel?)
☆ wa is a particle, subject marker.
        desu: to be verb(am, is, are,)  
        ka   :  = ?

basu→bus  resutoran→reataurant   toire→toilet   takushii →taxi....

but some Japanese katakana is very  different from English meaning.

Today's lesson 今日のレッスンは?


Please take a look at this dialogue.

Shinji: I'm thinking about getting some new winter gloves.
fuyu yoo no atarashii tebukuro o kai tai to omot te i masu . 

Rachel: Good idea. What size do you need?
ii desu ne . saizu wa nan desu ka?

Shinji: There are different sizes?
ironna saizu ga ari masu ka?

Rachel: Small, medium and large.
shoo toka chuutoka dai ga ari masu yo.

Shinji: Oh, I thought gloves were フリーサイズ.
hee , tebukuro tte furii saizu da to omot te i mashi ta . 

Rachel: What's free?
furii tte nan desu ka?

Shinji: Free size. That means it fits both big hands and small hands.
furii saizu desu yo . ookina te ni mo chiisana te ni mo fitto suru tte iu imi desu yo 

Rachel: Oh, you mean "one-size-fits-all."
あー、それは "one-size-fits-all" のことですね。
aa , sore wa " one - size - fits - all " no koto desu ne.

There are S size, M size ,L size LL size 3L,4L...5L... in Japan. I think the フリーサイズ free size is just an another way when people want to say big size...

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