Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's the Parrot saying?

 wa shiba 刈りgari e おばあさんobaasan wa kawa e 洗濯sentaku ni 行きiki ましmashi ta .

A old man went to cut the lawn and an old woman went to the river to do laundry.
2.川kawa de 洗濯sentaku o shi te いるiru to , 大きなookina どんdon ぶらbura ko ~ ~ to 流れnagare te ki ましmashi ta An big acorn drifted to her when she was washing laundry at the river.
3.家ie (  e )  もっmo tte 帰っkae tte 割っwa tte みるmiru to , naka からkara 男の子otokonoko ga 生まれumare ましmashi ta . 
She took the big acorn home and broke it,  then saw a boy born inside and then came out.
4.男の子otokonoko wa 桃太郎momotarou to 名付けnaduke られrare ましmashi ta .
The boy was named Momotaro(by the old couple).

Do you know the Momotaro story?桃太郎物語 →

今日のレッスンは? Today's Lesson?
How to make Verb past tense? Try to find all the  past tense forms of the verbs from the Parrot saying.

せんたくにいきました  went to  do laundry
ながれてきました          drifted to
うまれました                  was born
なづけられました  was voice past tense

Verbs ますForm    Present Tense
☆ The present tense of verbs either means❶that a person habitually or regularly engages in these activities,or❷that a person will or is planning to,perform these activities in the future.

わたしは コーヒーをのみます
I  always drink coffee. or  I am going to drink coffee.

Verbs ました Form   Past Tense
わたしは きのう コーヒーをのみました
I drank coffee yesterday.

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